Jean de Thevenot by Philippe de Champaigne


11/02 Jueves 11h-13h: Comida de indios en la historia natural hispanoamericana 

Alexandre C. Varella UNILA - USP (Brasil). info



10 Nov: Presentación online del libro: «El códice Boxer»

Carlos Martínez Shaw, catedrático emérito de la UNED, miembro de la Real Academia de la Historia
Joan-Pau Rubiés, Profesor de investigación ICREA, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Manel Ollé, profesor de Estudios Chinos, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. info



13 June: Micro and Macro: From colonial history to the history of globalization in the Spanish Philippines

Seminar by John Crossley (University of Monash) and David Irving (ICREA - CSIC). Info


29 January: Medieval Attitudes towards Islam

Seminar by John Tolan (University of Nantes). Info



18-19 October 2018: (Dis)covering Identities

This two-day international seminar is the culmination of the coordinated research project: “Medieval and Modern Sources for the Study of Transcultural Relations in the Mediterranean: writing and transmission,” and Interdisciplinary and Comparative Studies in Religious, (Trans)cultural, and Gendered Identities in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia and the Mediterranean”


18 April 2018: Book presentation

El cronista de China. Juan González de Mendoza, entre la misión, el imperio y la historia (By Diego Sola). Colloquium with Manuel Pavón, academic coordinator of Fundació Institut Confuci de Barcelona; Manel Ollé, professor of Chinese history and culture (UPF); and the author.


21 February 2018: ECERM-Institut d'Història Jaume Vicens i Vives Seminar

Seminar by Jeremy Roe (Universidade Nova de Lisboa - CHAM) [presented by Joan-Pau Rubiés]. "A vision of political discourse in Goa  c. 1659, and two episodes in the circulation of illustrated manuscripts".


14 February 2018: ECERM-GRIMSE Seminar

Seminar with Sujit Sivasundaram (Cambridge University) [presented by Joan Pau Rubiés and Teresa Segura-Garcia]: “Islands and Empires in the Age of Revolutions”.


29 September 2017: Conference "Vocaciones periféricas" 

"Vocaciones periféricas: las misiones jesuitas en Asia-Pacífico (siglos XVI-XVIII)", organized by Alexandre Coello de la Rosa & Jean-Noël Sánchez  (programme here). Info


21 April 2017: ECERM-UB Workshop

Workshop "Religions, missions and visions: missionary strategies in early modern China" (Universitat de Barcelona). Info


15 January 2017: Joint ECERM-GRIMSE Seminar

Jorge Flores (European University Institute, Florence), “Killing Images: the art of political insult in Portuguese India (16th-17th centuries)”.




1 December 2016:

Alexia Lagast (University of Antwerp), visiting scholar-ECERM. Talk: "Polemic or neutrality? The “false fruit Muhammad" and the “diversity of faith” in the travel accounts of Joos van Ghistele (1481-5) and Bernhard von Breydenbach (1483-4)", 11:00-13:00, Campus Ciutadella, Building Jaume I, Room 20.287.


3-4 October 2016: Locality and Globality in Early Modern Cultural Encounters

A Comparative Analysis of Religious and Political Accommodation (programme here).


23 September 2016: ECERM International Workshop - The Boxer Codex - Colonial Ethnography in the Spanish Philippines

ECERM organized an international workshop dedicated to the Boxer Codex with the participation of George Bryan Souza (University of Texas at San Antonio), Manel Ollé (UPF-ECERM), Joan-Pau Rubiés (ICREA-UPF-ECERM), Isaac Donoso (Universitat d'Alacant) and Chen Tsung-jen  (Academia Sinica). Detailed programme here.


20-21 June 2016: Monsoon Asia - Spain and East Asia in the early modern era

ECERM together with the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (RCHSS) of the National Tsing-Hua University, and the Institute of Taiwan History of Academia Sinica organized the international conference Monsoon Asia: Spain and East Asia in the early modern era,「季風亞洲:近代初期的西班牙與東」國際研討會 I held at Academia Sinica (Taipei) on 20 and 21 June 2016.


15 June 2016: Joint ECERM-GRIMSE Seminar

David Armitage (Harvard University) was invited by ECERM to present a GRIMSE seminar entitled 'This Modern Grotius': An Introduction to the Life and Work of C. H. Alexandrowicz (1902-75).


6 May 2016: ECERM Special Colloquium: Peiresc’s Archive and the Cross-Cultural History of the Mediterranean

Peter N. Miller (Bard Graduate Center, New York) and Cecilia Tarruell (EUI Florence) presented a special colloquium entitled Peiresc´s Archive and the Cross-Cultural History of the Mediterranean at Room 20.333, building Jaume I, second floor, UPF Ciutadella Campus on 6 May at 5.00 pm.


June 2015: Daniela Bleichmar new ECERM Visiting Scholar

Daniela Bleichmar (University of South California, Dornsife) joined ECERM as visiting scholar during June 2015. She also presented a GRIMSE seminar on 17 June titled "La producción, circulación y recepción de códices mexicanos en la edad moderna".


22 April 2015: Seminar by James Amelang

James S. Amelang (Universidad Autónoma, Madrid) was invited by ECERM to present a GRIMSE seminar entitled "Conversion and Credibility: Three 'Reformed Spaniards' in 1620s London".


27-28 March 2015: ECERM sponsored event

Alexandre Coello de la Rosa (ECERM) together with Linda G. Jones (UPF, Department d'Humanitats) organized the international congress Santos y santidad en el cristianismo, judaísmo e Islam: un análisis comparativo (siglos XIII-XVIII). The congress, sponsored by ECERM, the Institut Universitari d'Història Jaume Vicens i Vives i UPF's Humanities Department, was held on 27-28 March at the Auditori Mercè Rodoreda, UPF Campus Ciutadella.



In 2013, Joan-Pau Rubiés, together with Neil Safier (John Carter Brown Library), organized the international conference Cosmopolitanism and the Enlightenment. Joan-Pau Rubiés will edit a book based on the papers presented at this conference which will be published by Cambridge University Press.