The members of the group are also involved in the MA programmes of UPF. For many years, Manuel Ollé has been the coordinator of the Master on Chinese Studies (, one of the most innovative and successful MA courses at UPF. Joan-Pau Rubiés, who previously co-created and co-directed the master on Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation at the London School of Economics, participates, since 2013, on the Master on Chinese Studies with a course on Europe and China in the Early Modern Period: Encounters and Perceptions. He now contributes to the Master in World History at UPF and, together with Alexandre Coello, is offering a new course on ethnographies and cultural encounters. The four members are currently developing a project to establish synergies between these two MA programmes and increase their internationalization by offering English-taught courses.

We welcome applications for PhDs. These are currently administered by Institut Jaume Vicens Vives (click here for details). Please write directly to one of us if you have a proposal to make. Successful candidates will be integrated in ECERM, and also invited to participate in the seminars and activities of GRIMSE.