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University of Cambridge (November).

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The Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC), University of Hamburg (October).

‘Imperial Agency and Cultural Mediations: Re-assessing the Portuguese Loss of Ormuz in 1622’

Workshop on The Iberian World and the East: Go-betweens and Mediations 16th-18th centuries 

Maison Française d’Oxford (July).

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Workshop on The Early- modern Catholic Invention of “Oriental” “Religions”, University of Austin, Texas (January)

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English travellers, spies, & diplomats in foreign courts 

TIDE Project Seminar

The University of Liverpool in London (November).

The construction of the Indian and the Savage in a comparative perspective: peoples, places, and discourses.

Research Seminar on Depictions of Indigenous Identities in the North and the South 

Arctic University of Norway, Tromso

Comparing cultures in the early modern world: hierarchies, genealogies and the idea of modernity.

Early Modern Workshop 

University of Harvard (Septmeber).

Artistic Skills and the Hierarchy of Civilizations in Medieval and Early Modern Travel Writing: A Chinese Theme through Muslim and European Eyes.

Bard Graduate Centre Seminar 

New York (September).

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America in the Making of Early Modern Ingenuity 

CRASSH, University of Cambridge (June).

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Agents of Conversion, The Center for the Study of Conversion & Inter-Religious Encounters 5th Annual Conference

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva (May)

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Problems and Contexts’, in Cross-Cultural Diplomacy Compared: Afro-Eurasian Perspectives (16th-18th centuries).

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Els Nous Populismes: Brèxit i Trump,

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Referendums and Democrtic Politics, CEMS, New York University (November)

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Richard Hakluyt and the Renaissance Discovery of the World, International Conference

Bodleian Library and Christ Church, Oxford (November 26)

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Locality and Globality in Early Modern Cultural Encounters: A Comparative Analysis of Religious and Political Accommodation 

ECERM International Conference, UPF, Barcelona (October)

‘The Boxer Codex in a Comparative Perspective: visual Ethnographies in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires (sixteenth century)’

The Boxer Codex: Colonial Ethnography in the Spanish Philippines 

International Workshop, UPF, Barcelona (September)

‘Comparing Cultures in the Early Modern World’ 

Sawyer Seminar on the History of Comparatism 

CRASH, University of Cambridge (August)

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Resistencia, Argentina (June)

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Colloque International: La Plume et le Calumet: Joseph-François Lafitau et les "Sauvages Ameriquains" 

Musée Ethnographique de Genève (May)

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Europen Universtiy Institute, Florence (April)

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Government College Lahore, Pakistan (April)

‘¿Lafitau antropólogo? Comparatismo y etnografñia antes de la ilistración’ 

Work in Progress Seminar, Centre d´Història de la Ciència (CEHIC) 

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (January).

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John Carter Brown Library, Providence (September 10).

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Barcelona, Institut d’Estudis Catalans (May).

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Seminari de Recerca Pensar i difondre la història

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