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There is a wide range of career opportunities after finishing CSIM.

If the aim is research, students can continue to do a doctorate (PhD) in any of the areas that converge in the interdisciplinarity of the master's degree. Below you may find several examples of prestigious research institutions and universities that have accepted our Alumni for undertaking a PhD.

If the aim is a professional career, experience in the analysis, design, implementation, experimentation, testing and evaluation of interactive devices via cognitive systems opens up a huge diversity of professional fields. From the field of industrial and domestic robotics, to outdoor interactive advertising, the automobile industry and its smart evolution, the development of systems to help in rehabilitating people with physical and/or cognitive disorders, or large format interactive leisure and smart museology. Below you may also see some exmples of exciting jobs that our Alumni have achieved after CSIM.

For us it is also very important that our Alumni recommend CSIM and they definitely do. many of our new students come after having our master program recommended by Alumni when going back to their homeland.

Many of our students stay with our top research groups to undertake their PhD. Please check the Research Lines to see the research groups that are principally related to CSIM.


Caltech logo Hoang Le
Alumnus promotion 2012-13
Position: PhD in Computing + Mathematical Sciences at California Institute of Technology


Telefonica I+D logo Matylda Szmukier
Alumna promotion 2011-12
Position: contracted at "Trends and User Research" at Telefónica R+D


UCL logo Mara Balestrini
Alumna promotion 2011-12
Position: PhD at the Intel Collaborative Research Institute on Sustainable Connected Cities, UCL logo Kiira Hjert-Bernardi
Alumna promotion 2010-11
Position: contracted as Italian Merchant Risk Investigator at Amazon


Oblong logo Miguel Sánchez Valdés
Alumnus promotion 2009-10
Position: Software Engineer at Oblong Industries Inc. 


Fluid Interfaces logo Pol Pla
Alumnus promotion 2008-09
Position: PhD at Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab


Starlab logo Anton Albajes-Eizagirre 
Alumnus promotion 2008-09
Position: Researcher and Project manager at Starlab Barcelona S.L.


Alumni CSIM