VIDEO AVAILABLE: "Three Decades of Digital Medieval Studies: A Retrospective on "New" Methodologies"

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UPF-DH Centre for Digital Humanities

UPF-DH Centre for Digital Humanities

The Centre for Digital Humanities (UPF-DH) serves as a hub that connects the fields of humanities, social sciences, and technology. It aims to play a pivotal role in knowledge sharing and promoting innovation in both research, teaching and training. UPF-DH's objectives are:

  • Providing an inclusive space where the diverse UPF departments can brainstorm and develop research beyond disciplinary boundaries.
  • Gathering available resources and creating an environment that fosters current research actions and the development of new ones, expanding UPF's offerings in the field.
  • Supporting and promoting training and educational programmes in Digital Humanities.

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Mercè Rodoreda building (Ciutadella campus)
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27
08005 Barcelona

[email protected]

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