Speech Acquisition and Perception

Education & Research experiences: 

Ph.D., 2016, Psychology - University of Padova 

M.Sc., 2013, Experimental Psychology & Cognitive Science (Summa cum Laude) - University of Padova 

Postdoctoral Trainee, 2016-2017 - University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Research Interests:

To what extent the processes serving language development are unique to language? I am interested in nature-nurture questions related to language acquisition. During my Ph.D studies, I have conducted research with animal models (i.e., domestic chicks) aimed at investigating statistical learning, a mechanism that also supports language acquisition in human infants. During my post-doctoral training in the US, I have conducted behavioral research with infants, exploring whether learning of grammatical structures is specific to language.

Here at the SAP Group, which I joined in October 2017, I am currently investigating the acquisition of syntactical and syllabic structures, categorization processes, and infants’ preferences for speech.


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Recent conference presentations:

Santolin C., Saffran J. & Sebastian-Galles N. Non-linguistic artificial grammar learning in 12-month-old infants: a cross-lab replication study. Poster presented at 4th Workshop on Infant Language Development (WILD). Potsdam, Germany. June 13-15 2019.

Santolin C. & Saffran J. Beginning of Grammar: Domain-generality of Phrase Structure Learning in Infancy. Poster presented at 21st Biennal International Conference of Infant Studies (ICIS). Philadelphia, USA. June 30-July 3 2018. 

Jenny Saffran (Waisman Center & U. of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Giorgio Vallortigara (CiMEC, University of Trento)
Eloisa Valenza & Lucia Regolin (University of Padova) 


[email protected]

Twitter: @chiara_santolin