Speech Acquisition and Perception

Education & Research experience: 

Postdoctoral researcher, 2020 - 2023 - University of Potsdam, Germany

Visiting researcher, Dec 2022 - University of California Los Angeles, USA

Visiting researcher, Apr - Jun 2019 - Université Paris Descartes, France

Ph.D., 2019, Linguistics, specialization in Early Language Development - University of Potsdam, Germany

M.Sc., 2015, Cognitive Science and Language - University of Barcelona, Spain


Research Interests:

My work mainly focuses on early speech perception and word segmentation in typically developing children. I'm particularly interested on how infants extract words from fluent speech, how these mechanisms interact with prosody and phonological encoding, and how they relate to later language development. Part of my work also focuses on the methodological aspects of infant research, such as the reliability of behavioral methods, individual differences and web-based data collection. 


I joined the SAP group in October 2023 to start my EU funded project as a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow about statistical learning in bilingual infants and infants at risk for language disorders.  


Recent publications:

Marimon, M. & Höhle, B. (2022). Testing prosodic development with the Headturn Preference Procedure: a test-retest reliability study. Infant and Child Development. [Project in OSF is here]. Open Access article: 


Langus, A., Marimon, M., Höhle, B. (accepted). Exploring word segmentation from infancy to adulthood with pupillometry. Book chapter in "Rhythms of Speech and Language" Editors: Lars Meyer, Antje Strauss. Cambridge University Press. 


Marimon, M., Höhle, B. & Langus, A. (2022). Pupillary entrainment reveals individual differences in cue weighting in 9-month-old German-learning infants. Cognition, 224. [awarded Paper of the Month by the Research Focus Cognitive Sciences - March 2022]


Marimon, M., Hoffman, A., Männel, C., Veríssimo, J., Friederici, A.D., Höhle, B. & Wartenburger, I. (2021). Children's learning of Non-Adjacent Dependencies using a web-based computer game setting. Frontiers in Psychology. [Project in OSF is here]. Open Access article:



Recent conference contributions:

Saksida, A., Marimon, M. & Langus, A. Rapid label-referent mapping with vocoded speech in young infants. Oral presentation, BUCLD, 4-5th November, 2023, Boston, USA.


Marimon, M., Oelschlägel, C. & Langus, A. Toddlers learn words from a social robot?! Poster Presentation, BUCLD, 4-5th November, 2023, Boston, USA.


Marimon, M. & Höhle, B. Word segmentation from an artificial language in German-learning infants. Oral presentation. ICIS, 7-10th July 2022, Ottawa, Canada. 


Langus, A.,  Marimon, M. & Höhle, B. Effects of speech register and cross-linguistic variation on speech segmentation with statistical cues. Oral presentation. ICIS, 7-10th July 2022, Ottawa, Canada.


Boll-Avetisyan N., MarimonM., Langus, A., Guhl, A. S. A test toy with buttons for revealing infants' auditory preferences. Poster Presentation, ICIS, 7-10th July 2022, Ottawa, Canada.


Marimon, M. & Höhle, B. Artificial language segmentation in 6- to 7-month-old German-learning infants. Poster presentation. WILD, 9-11th June 2022, San Sebastián, Spain.



Personal website: / ORCID