I have a bachelor degree in Pedagogy, in Speech therapy and I'm also a teacher specialized in hearing and language. I followed with a master in Neuroscience and behavioural Biology and currently I'm enrolled in the masters in Brain and cognition at UPF. I studied sign language and nowadays I work as a speech therapist in a public school with deaf children.

I'm interested in how we communicate and what the effects of oral bilingualism are. I think that researchers need to be linked with the issues that they want to investigate, so my questions are related to my work and my experience. With my co-workers many times we were asking about what are the costs and benefits of bilingualism understood as oral language and sign language for the children who we teach every day. I like the idea that I have the opportunity to contribute my bit to improve the teaching practice of these children. Because of that, I joined this master and I would like to carry on in this field.

Looking at the future, I'm also curious for the effect of gesture (and sign language) in speech processing in healthy and diseased. So I hope I'll have the opportunity to work in this field in the near future.