Center for Brain and Cognition

Laboratoris de Neurociència


How does neural activity give rise to human cognition? How is the mind organized and how does its organization arise from the biology of the brain?

As researchers of the Center for Brain and Cognition, we work to advance our understanding of how experience influences the emergence of structure and function through computational and experimental investigation. We are also interested in understanding how mechanisms regulating brain development interact with the effects of experience to produce the structural and functional characteristics of the brain. These lines of research clarify how specific biological mechanisms routinely support the emergence of cognitive functions, leading to insights into why experience is so important for normal brain development.

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The Center for Brain and Cognition is the result of synergies between different research groups, and was recognized as a Specific Research Center in November 2012 by the Board of Governors of Pompeu Fabra University with the support of the Department of Information Technology and Communications.

Currently led by Salvador Soto, the research groups that comprise the Center for Brain and Cognition include:

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The CBC now organizes a Master in Brain and Cognition. Check it out and come study with us!

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