The Molecules, Genes, and Cells Program functions as a dynamic nexus, bringing together numerous research groups with diverse yet interconnected scientific interests. Our primary objective is to uncover the intricate molecular mechanisms that govern both physiological pathways and the spectrum of associated diseases. We explore the realms of normal and pathological processes through a multidisciplinary approach, drawing from fields such as

molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry, proteomics, genetics, and neurobiology. Our investigations encompass unicellular and multicellular model organisms, enhanced by the utilization of cutting-edge information technologies and computational methods in the domains of health and life sciences. This lively and inclusive scientific environment, combined with a range of state-of-the-art methodologies, positions the Molecules, Genes, and Cells Program as an exceptional training platform. Undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows engage in rigorous exploration and contribute to the program’s vibrant vitality, shaping the future of biomedical research.

Coordinator:  AYTÉ DEL OLMO, José

Group Group Leader
Oxidative Stress and Cell Cycle

Elena Hidalgo and José Ayté

Inhibitory and activating receptors of the innate immune system

Miguel López-Botet

Immunology  Cristina López Rodríguez and Jose Aramburu
Proteomics and Protein Chemistry

David Andreu

Neurobiology of Behaviour

Olga Valverde

Integrative Biomedical Informatics Ferran Sanz
PharmacoInformatics Manuel Pastor
Structural Bioinformatics Baldo Oliva
Functional Genomics Robert Castelo
Computational Science Gianni de Fabritiis
Microbiome  Mireia Vallès-Colomer