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In order to participate in experiments carried out by researchers from different fields at our University, you need to register HERE, so that the lab manager will be able to contact you when an experiment is taking place at the lab. 


Rules for laboratory experiments

  • For each experiment, a number of registered volunteers will be invited to participate by email.
  • If you happen to be invited to participate in a particular experiment, you must respond positively if you want to be among those participants finally selected for the experiment.
  • If you are finally selected, this will be announced to you by email.
  • If you confirm your presence, we understand that you are committed to participate in the experiment and to be there on time.
  • To ensure a proper identification of participations, you are required to show an ID to the experimenter.
  • Usually, participants will earn a fair either in cash or by bank transfer.



Please, register only if you are sure that you will be able to participate in the experiment.
If you are registered but you don't show up, you will be penalized. With three accumulated penalizations the system will erase your user.