For names and addresses of experimental economists, a good source are the:


For recruiting subjects (via internet) for lab experiments:

  • ORSEE (by Ben Greiner) is a web-based Online Recruitment System, specifically designed for organizing economic experiments. There is a test system online where you can log on without registering. ORSEE will be installed on a local server (ExLab maintains your subject database on their server).
    A user manual and installation notes are available as well
  • CASSELL from CalTech (via internet). The CalTech lab has been developing both experiment management and experimental software in the past several years. They are due to release a new version of the experiment management/recruiting web application very soon.


For designing, programming and running experiments:

  • Ztree Zurich Toolbox for Readymade Economic Experiments (Ztree) is a software software package allows to develop and to carry out economic experiments.
  • LabSEE  -a new experimental program. This program uses Java as programming environment to conduct experiments over the Internet. The functionality should be similar to Z-tree. The beta version and tutorial will be available soon. Now, you can download version 0.5 with no documentation.
  • In addition, some bigger labs (SSEL, CASSEL, ICES, ESI) offer code or programs for free download.
    For instance: Veconlab provides about 50 on-line programs for different types of markets/experiments. jMarkets is open software to run markets experiments online.


Experiment Software for Teaching:


Other behavioral labs and groups: