TIDE has experience in carrying out research, development and innovation projects in collaboration with companies and organizations (e.g. Planeta, SEAT, PAU Education, MSF NGO, CommonsCloud, Colectic ...)

Collaborations can be of different nature, from developing specific technologies or adapting TIDE technologies to the needs of the company, to delivering workshops and running studies around the use of existing learning technologies in different contexts.

Collaborations can take place in different ways, including funded project, private initiatives, collaborations framed in Industrial PhD programs, pilots for mutual benefit, etc.

TIDE is open to collaborating with industrial companies. Please contact us for any further information.


Industrial PhDs

Industrial PhD programs are partially funded by public institutions (Catalan and Spanish government) as part of which a student carries a research project at a company jointly supervised by a university professor and the company. TIDE has experience in these programs as is open for new industrial PhD collaboration.


Related Assets

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