Databases linked to investigations and research projects of the Humanities UCA. These databases reflect the support that Humanities show to digitalization and the possibilities that new technologies have to offer.

Death on the Nile

Mummy labels database that results from the Death on the Nile project. It aims to build a digital catalog of such documents of antiquity, whose function was to identify the corpses traveling to centers of mummification and then back to the place where took place the funeral rites of the deceased


Digital catalog of Catalan and Spanish papyraceous collections: the collection of the Abbey of Montserrat, the Palau-Ribes Collection, a property of the Societyof Jesus in Catalonia and the Foundation Shepherd of Madrid. Includes bibliographical details and materials of the same funds, in addition to photographs of the published documents

Francisco Fernández Buey: Biblioteca Virtual

Portal that collects essays and edition articles published in different internet websites, a bibliographical relation, and audiovisual material of the professor Francisco Fernández Buey

State Building in Latin America

Free database that offers documents that come from the research carried out from 2009 to 2014 by the members of the ERC/UPF State Building in Latin America Project


Pannikariana is a bibliographical database of texts about Raimon Panikkar created by the Research Group of the Bibliotheca Mystica et Philosophica Alois M. Haas of the Pompeu Fabra University


PhiloBiblon is a free internet-based bio-bibliographical database of texts written in the various Romance vernaculars of the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance.