An agreement between UPF and Claude Bernard University of Lyon promotes mobility among the members of the two universities

The agreement fosters the exchange of the members of the two centres of the bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and of the Polytechnic University of Lyon (France), as well as the mobility of administration and services staff, for stages within the Erasmus+ programme.


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Pompeu Fabra University has signed a mobility agreement with Claude Bernard University of Lyon (France) for a period of two years (2019-2021) to promote the exchange of members of the two centres on the Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering of UPF and of the Polytechnic of Lyon (France), as well as the mobility of administration and services staff under the Erasmus+ programme. From each centre, those students who so wish can do up to two stages of six months, and the teaching and research and administration and services staff, a stage of five days. 

“Strategically it is very important for our university as it promotes mobility and the exchange of experiences and knowledge among our students, teachers and administrative and services staff”, said Enric Peig, director of the School of Engineering at UPF.

The Polytechnic of Lyon, attached to Claude Bernard University, is a relatively young engineering school (since 1992), which comprises fifteen faculties and is among the best engineering schools in France in terms of academic excellence, in biomedical engineering and indeed in all its disciplines/faculties. In accordance with the UPF School of Engineering syllabus, the Polytechnic of Lyon includes in its study programme in biomedical engineering the disciplines of physics and medical imaging as well as teaching for knowledge transfer to enterprise.

Pompeu Fabra University was created in 1990 by the Government of Catalonia with the aim of establishing a public university geared towards academic excellence and to contribute to the development of the country. UPF is among the top 150 in the Times Higher Education’s Engineering and Technology world ranking and the bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering has one of the highest cut-off marks (12.085). The University considers international mobility as a tool for acquiring new knowledge and experiences, as well as personal growth.





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