Pompeu Fabra leads the U-Ranking 2022 for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies

Pompeu Fabra leads the U-Ranking 2022 for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies

UPF, which has led the previous ten editions of the classification published to date by the BBVA Foundation and the IVIE, shares top place this year with Carlos III of Madrid and the Polytechnic of Catalonia. The University leads the sub-ranking for Research and Innovation alone, as well as the general classification for postgraduate training included in the 2022 edition, in which it tops the lists for Social and Legal Sciences and for Health Sciences.


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UPF, for the tenth year in a row, has come first in the overall U-Ranking 2022 classification remaining the leading university in Spain for its academic performance. UPF, which tops the overall ranking jointly with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and Carlos III University of Madrid, leads the sub-ranking for Research and Innovation.

U-Ranking is a project driven by the BBVA Foundation and the IVIE, and it classifies Spanish universities on the basis of their teaching performance and innovative and research activities. In its 2022 edition, it analyses 72 Spanish universities, 48 public and 24 private, representing 98% of the Spanish University System, and it compares over 3,500 official bachelor’s degrees of these institutions in its classification of degrees.

UPF, for the tenth year in a row, has come first in the overall U-Ranking 2022

In the global performance ranking, UPF achieves a global index of 1.5, the same as UPC and UC3M. They are followed by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, with an index of 1.3.

In the Research and Innovation sub-ranking, UPF stands top alone, achieving an index of 1.9, followed by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia with 1.8. In the Teaching sub-ranking, there is a top block of seven universities, with an index of 1.3, and a second block of nine universities, which includes UPF, with an index of 1.2.

The U-Ranking, which includes data from public information systems and statistical sources, analyses twenty indicators, grouped into two dimensions (teaching, and research and innovation), related to quality, internationalization, output and resources, based on which a synthetic index is obtained for each institution.

UPF, also first in the ranking of postgraduate training

In its annual report, the tenth edition of U-Ranking includes an analysis of the situation of master’s and doctoral training in Spanish universities and the differences in the practice of each institution in these postgraduate degrees. The report addresses the evolution of these studies in the last decade and their differentiated structure according to the ownership of the university and the branch of teaching.

With the elaboration of a synthetic index based on 12 indicators that evaluate the performance of universities in the areas of the training process, quality, internationalization and employability of their postgraduate programmes, six rankings are built that rank Spanish universities based on performance within the postgraduate studies in five branches of education and in all branches.

UPF leads the overall postgraduate ranking and lists in the areas of Social and Legal Sciences and Health Sciences

The general postgraduate ranking is headed by UPF, with an index of 1.5, followed by the universities of Navarra, Ramon Llull and the UAB (all three with an index of 1.4). With regard to the lists corresponding to the five areas of study, UPF leads the Social and Legal Sciences and Health Sciences, the latter together with the UAB. UPF comes in second position for Arts and Humanities (an area led by Rovira i Virgili University) and third for Architecture and Engineering, which is headed by a block formed by Ramon Llull, Rovira and Virgili, Carlos III of Madrid, Navarra, Girona and Comillas universities. In the Sciences, led by the UPC, UPF does not score.





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