Carta de serveis

Our commitments

  1. To provide you with a permanent online identification code for accessing all kinds of services and information resources of the University from any shared computer within a time period of 24 hours after the request (contract, enrolment or authorisation).

  2. To provide you with a personal email address  with a minimum capacity of 50 MB and accessible from secure protocols,* in a maximum time period of two working days after your entry in the university or request.

  3. To offer permanent online drive space with a minimum of 100 MB accessible through the Internet.

  4. To offer personalised, face-to-face or telephone assistance in reference to your needs regarding bibliographic, academic and university information. Your queries will be dealt with within a maximum waiting time of three minutes, except for during particularly busy periods for queries relating to university administrative procedures.

  5. To process your electronic requests, problems and queries and respond within a maximum of two working days.

  6. To facilitate access, through the website’s subject guides, to the electronic information selected and organised in accordance with the University’s teaching and research subject areas, as well as review and update them on an annual basis.

  7. To make available and publish on the Aula Global, at the start of each term, the recommended bibliography, of which the library staff must be notified at least a month in advance.

  8. To undertake the procedures for borrowing documents, laptops and other materials with a maximum waiting time of three minutes, except for mass loans for teaching purposes.

  9. To provide notification, on a daily basis, from Monday to Friday, via email, concerning the receipt of requested documents (documents from other centres, reservations, interlibrary loans, new purchases)

  10. To offer at least one session of basic training to take full advantage of the Library and computer resources and services to all new students, during their first term at the University.

  11. To publicise any scheduled changes or interruptions in our services, through the Campus Global, the website and signs, a minimum of three working days in advance. All other cases will be resolved them as soon as possible.

  12. For all staff to offer a professional and efficient service, which facilitates a pleasant space for communication between users and staff.



*For new students, the service will be effective as of the first day of the academic year.

To assess the level of compliance with our service commitments, we regularly collect the data needed for monitoring through theindicators and conduct user satisfaction surveys among the members of the UPF university community.