Accés a la biblioteca


  • Library/CRAI users include all members of the UPF university community and other persons expressly authorised by means of individual arrangements or agreements with entities.

  • Access may also be granted to persons who wish to make academic consultations (admission to the University, syllabuses, etc.) and seeking information about the University, at the times this service is provided at the  Student Information Desk.

  • Also, any citizen, whether a university student or not, can consult bibliographic resources after visiting to the information desk at each of the three Library/CRAI facilities.

  • The libraries of the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia (CSUC) will provide access mutually to duly accredited users of the other member institutions.

  • Although access to the libraries is usually open, in some circumstances access may be limited.

  • Exceptionally, in periods of high demand or for other reasons, measures may be established that give preferential access to users of the same institution. 

  • We would also remind you that should you need a place to study and prepare for exams, you can use the libraries of the city of Barcelona, which offer Internet connection. In addition, some of these libraries and other centres have study rooms and late night study rooms.