GLiF (for "Grup de Lingüística Formal" in Catalan) is the research group for formal linguistics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. GLiF is recognized and funded by the Catalan government as a Consolidated Research Group ("Grup Consolidat"). GLiF together with the Computational Linguistics Group (GLiCom), the Prosodic Studies Group (GrEP), and the ALLENCAM group, devoted to multilingual language learning and acquisition, comprise UPF's Linguistics Research Unit (UR-Ling).

The members of GLiF work on the formal description of the architecture of human language and the interactions between different modules - phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics - based on data from a number of languages, primarily from the Romance, Germanic and Slavic families, and from signed languages. You can find out more about our specific areas of research by looking at our Projects page and at the individual pages of our group members.

We welcome graduate students, postdocs and visiting researchers. Please contact one of the senior researchers in the group if you are interested in joining us.



New MINECO-funded Thematic Excellence Network
GLiF together with researchers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universidad de Alcalà de Henares, and the University of the Basque Country has been granted a Thematic Excellence Network on Meaning and Grammar for 2015-16. The goal is to promote training and collaborative research activities in the area of natural language semantics and pragmatics.
UPF to host ESSLLI 2015
GLiF is playing a key role in the organization of the 2015 ESSLLI Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information, which will take place on the Poblenou campus Aug. 3-14. Also co-located with ESSLLI will be the 2015 Formal Grammar Conference. ESSLLI is organized every summer by FoLLI, the Association for Logic, Language, and Information.
End of summer conferences
GLiFers have been taking advantage of the last days of summer to present work at various conferences. Toni Bassaganyas presented a paper at Sinn und Bedeutung in Göttingen, Veronika Richtarcikova, at the Slavic Linguistic Society in Seattle (lucky her!), and Isidora Stojanovic and Louise McNally at the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology in Noto, Italy.
Alsina and Vigo at LFG 2014
Alex Alsina and Eugenio Vigo presented joint work at the Lexical Functional Grammar Conference last week in Ann Arbor, MI. Alex also organized a workshop on the The Syntax and Information Structure of Unbounded Dependencies. Congratulations to Eugenio on his first presentation at the LFG conference!
Welcome, and welcome back!
Welcome back Gemma Boleda, who has recently rejoined the group on a return-phase Beatriu de Pinós grant, and Enric Vallduví, who is returning from a research stay in New Zealand. We are also looking forward to the arrival of Claudia Borgonovo from Université Laval, who will be spending a sabbatical year with us, and Paula Menéndez-Benito, who will be starting a Marie Curie Fellowship after the summer.
UR-Ling groups funded by the Catalan government
All four of the groups that make up UPF's Linguistics Research Unit (ALLENCAM, GLiCom, GLiF, and GrEP) have been awarded funding for the next three years by the Catalan government's research funding agency as Consolidated Research Groups.
Research proposals defended
Congratulations to Toni Bassaganyas, Veronika Richtarcikova, and Giorgia Zorzi on the successful defenses of their respective doctoral research proposals (plans de recerca) this month! Now to the theses...
WoSSP 11 program out
WoSSP 11 (Workshop on Syntax, Semantics, and Phonology) will be held on June 5-6 at the UAB. Mihajlo Ignjatovic and Ayumi Shimoyoshi will be presenting work there. Check out the WoSSP web page for details.
Spalek defends thesis
On May 20, INFOLEX member and GLiF fellow traveler Alexandra Spalek successfully defended her doctoral thesis, entitled "Verb Meaning and Combinatory Semantics: A Corpus Based Study of Spanish Change of State Verbs." Congratulations, Alexandra!
Fins aviat, Dan!
Dan Zeman, who has been with GLiF this academic year on a return-phase Beatriu de Pinós grant, is moving on to a Juan de la Cierva postdoc in Vitoria. We wish him the best in his new position!
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