• Two Bioartist from Quimera Rosa collective had the opportunity to spend two days in Andreas Meyerhans's Infection Biology group at the CEXS-UPF. Their objective is to develop DIY tools for photodynamic theraphy (PDT) to treat condylomas. [Download pdf, pag 7].
  • Andreas Meyerhans explains the research interests of the Infection Biology Group.



  • Scientific profile of Andreas Meyerhans in context of European AITS (AIDS-TB/Saar) initiative - [Download PDF]
  • Description of Molecular Virology Group presented in El·lipse journal of PRBB - [Download PDF]
  • Description of Infection Biology Group presented in El·lipse journal of PRBB - [Download PDF]
  • Video produced by the European project EUCO-Net (scientific coordinator: Andreas Meyerhans) explaining the problems with HIV/TB co-infections - [View video]
  • Aiding AIDS vaccine research, a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation - [Download PDF]

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