Call for Dutch and Danish Native Speakers



We are looking for Dutch and Danish native speakers to help translate word lists that will be used for an experiment about measuring stereotypical associations in language models produced by neural networks. The only requirement for participating is being a Dutch or Danish native speaker. Experience with critical discourse analysis and/or migration studies is a plus.


Task description: you will translate about 250 words written in English (translating from Spanish is also a possibility) to Dutch or Danish. If you have experience with critical discourse analysis and/or migration studies, you will be invited to also propose new words to the list. This task will be conducted virtually and it is expected to last 3h. In case the participant cannot translate all the words in a single day, the deadline for delivering the translated words can be negotiated (but can’t take longer than 15 days).


Financial compensation: initial compensation of 80 euros. Can be increased if the participant has experience with critical discourse analysis and/or migration studies.


Observation: participants may be called again to participate as linguistic consultants in a subsequent task. In case of acceptance, a new financial compensation will be negotiated.


If you fit this profile and are interested in participating in this experiment, please contact Danielly Sorato at [email protected]