The virtual environment service is a powerful solution that allows researchers to manage virtual machines, containers, and other virtual solutions. With this service, researchers can easily create and customize virtual environments that meet their specific needs, without the need for physical hardware or infrastructure.

The virtual environment service is managed by PROXMOX, which is a popular and reliable virtualization platform that provides a robust set of features and tools for managing virtual environments. Using PROXMOX, researchers can easily manage virtual machines and containers.

With 4 servers that have a combined total of 224 cores, 3TB of RAM, 20TB of SSD storage, and 160TB of SATA disk storage, the virtual environment service can provide researchers with a highly scalable and flexible platform for running their applications and workloads. Researchers can easily provision virtual machines and containers with the resources they need, and scale up or down as needed based on their research requirements.

Overall, the virtual environment service offers researchers a highly flexible, scalable, and reliable platform for running their web sites and applications for their research. With the powerful resources provided by the 4 servers, and the management capabilities of PROXMOX, researchers can easily create and manage virtual environments to meet their specific research needs.