The hosting service is tailored. It is a virtual infrastructure that allows the launch of own applications, websites, databases, services for the export of SFTP data, and so on.

It has two technologies for this purpose: virtual machines and containers. The use of one or another technology will be given by the requirements and requests of the researcher, agreed with the technicians of the service.

Like the computing service, the virtual machine and container service works with computational units. In this sense, a computational unit is equivalent to a virtual core and 2GB of memory. The units will only be modified at the request of the researcher or as a requirement derived from the use of the service. Any modification will be notified and approved by the researcher.

The Hosting service has optional maintenance that includes:

  • System update

  • Monitoring

  • Monthly security check

  • Backup with 7 daily retentions of the last week, 4 weekly retentions of the last month and 2 of the last two months (no maintenance, only a backup of the last week will be available)

If the maintenance service is not contracted and the intervention of the technical staff is required for incidents or problems unrelated to the service, this intervention will have the hourly price of the SysAdmin technician.