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Schools 4 Inclusion, Working to better migrant inclusion

Schools 4 Inclusion (S4I) is a new project funded by the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership (K201) call. 

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The project aims to help schools apply a whole-school approach for the inclusive education of migrant, refugee and asylum seeking children and unaccompanied minors. In other words, the purpose of the project is to deliver an effective strategy for the evolvement of the School into an inclusive environment, conducive to the successful integration of children of migrant backgrounds. As part of the project, the consortium will develop and pilot with schools an inclusive Education Methodology. In total, twenty schools throughout Europe will participate.

S4I is coordinated by the TIDE Research Group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. The consortium includes the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute (ALLI), a research and education institute, based in Athens, Greece; TITAN Partnership an education network in Birmingham, U.K.; TLC College a not-for-profit organization supporting disadvantaged communities in Wolverhampton, U.K.; Amadora Inova a municipal company mandated to address social issues faced by the municipality in Amadora, Portugal; and the Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning (CPIP) a non-governmental, non-profit institution active in the educational and social fields in Timisoara, Romania.



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