S4I Toolkit: tools to build meaningful inclusive practices into your schools and community


Schools and teachers are still struggling to achieve educational inclusion for all their students, especially those of a migrant or refugee background. 


If you want to enhance your teaching practices to include all students, you can access and use our Schools4Inclusion Toolkit. A tool created to provide teachers with various possibilities, which is now ready to be explored and applied through schools and classrooms.  This is a go-to resource that addresses specific needs, bringing the provision of practical, everyday tools to make inclusive education a reality. The toolkit allows for seamless integration as a user-friendly digital application and gives more teacher empowerment and student inspiration. It’s a collection of ideas, activities, tools, and templates. Teachers will find guidance on how to maintain, strengthen and expand existing inclusive programs; strategies to empower and involve migrant families, students, and their peers; and tools to assess student interests, develop adaptation plans, encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities


The toolkit tool is now a reality that can give support to all teachers and help children to feel more inclusive in their schools. 


?To support its usage, inside the toolkit we´ve provided a set of tools: 

  • How inclusive is your school? This is a self-assessment tool on inclusion in and around schools available in a European School Toolkit in the School Education Gateway;
  • Sustainability of the whole-school strategy: This tool is made up of 17 indicators of inclusive education;
  • Setting new goals and priorities - This tool will help you to ensure that your plan includes the appropriate hard (and soft) indicators of impact;
  • Evaluating the Action Plan - Reflecting on your Action Plan - This tool provides a brief overview of the need to evaluate your action plan with some reflection questions to support your high-level assessment of your plan;
  • Establishing school and home/parent communication  -  This tool provides some stimulus reading material to consider the theory and practice of parental engagement;
  • Supporting school staff and ensuring involvement - This tool can be used with group sizes from 5 to 12 participants at a time. It is a deeply reflective tool that will help you develop learning potential aims for individual targeted pupils. You can then use these to develop appropriate interventions in and beyond the classroom.


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