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1st Press release Schools4Inclusion


Imatge inicial

Schools4Inclusion is an european project, comprising five countries and six partners:  Pompeu Fabra University (Spain), Amadora Innovation (Portugal), TLC College (United Kingdom), CENTRUL PENTRU PROMOVAREA ÎNVĂȚĂRII PERMANENTE TIMIȘOARA ASOCIAȚIA (Romania), TITAN PARTNERSHIP (United Kingdom) and Athens Lifelong Learning Institute (Greece).

Schools4Inclusion is funded by the European Commission's Erasmus + program and will run for 36 months (October 2019 - September 2022). 

Our project envisions to deliver a strategy aimed to transform Schools into inclusive environments, conducive to the successful integration of migrant children. 

Within its life cycle, the project aims to achieve the following results:
The development of a comprehensive model for school education – The Inclusive Education; Guidelines.
The development of the Inclusive Education Mobile App The Inclusive Education Mobile App.

And will develop the following activities:

Two intellectual outputs: 

IO1 - Methodology & Action Plans;
IO2 - The Inclusive Education Toolbox of Activities, Tools and Templates (IET). 

Five Multiplier Events in 2021 in each of the countries.
One Short-term joint staff training events C1 in July 2021

Even through the severe limitations caused by the outbreak of the pandemics, we have kept our course and our goals. As of now, we’ve arrived at the final stages of the first phase of the project, namely through the completion of IO1:
The Inclusive Education Guidelines - that develops an analytic prescription on how the school can develop and implement a comprehensive schoolwide reform. 

So far, and within IO1, partners drafted the methodology for the needs analysis and the bibliographical research. Our next steps will involve preparatory activities (audience recruitment, consent forms) for the implementation of focus groups and interviews that will take place between November and December, followed by data analysis by January. In parallel, the Alpha version of the Toolkit will be released by December 31st. 

And we’ve kept going, namely through work on IO2, which wants to equipe educators with the tools 
required to actually practice inclusive education in their unique school environment. 

If you want to know more about our project, follow us through our social media pages on instagram, facebook and twitter and get to know us through our website,  or send us an email: [email protected].



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