Itinerario Promoción y Protección

Profesores responsables: Cristina O'Callaghan y Josep Maria Antó

The “Planetary Health” concept arises in the context of the current global environmental and climate crisis. Planetary Health suggests that our current concept of health does not take into account whether past and current health gains are achieved at the cost of eroding the Earth’s underpinning natural systems and that our understanding of health is insufficient. Planetary health is the achievement of the highest attainable standard of health, wellbeing, and equity worldwide through judicious attention to the human systems—political, economic, and social—that shape Earth’s natural systems limits within which humanity can flourish. The course will cover the main components of planetary health including: i) the Anthropocene and its implications for human health, ii) the climate emergency and its impacts on health, iii) adaptation and mitigation public health strategies, iv) planetary strategies for the health systems, v) interdisciplinary research, vi) governance and implementation.

* Asignatura impartida en inglés

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