MUSA: Accesible Music

A project to allow people with motor disabilities to have access to music education

Video Concert

MUSA: Accessible music to break down invisible barriers, is the name of the new Phonos project in collaboration with the Music Technology Group (MTG) and Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) which has received the support of Obra Social la Caixa within of his Art for Change program. This one-year project aims to promote and democratize interest and musical practice among those people who have some kind of motor difficulty that prevents them from playing traditional music instruments. This goal is achieved through the use of the EyeHarp, a musical interface that has a series of musical scales in the form of a circular harp which is controlled by an eye tracker or head tracker device. The MUSA project will end with a final concert in which digital adapted and traditional instruments will coexist to interpret a repertoire in an act open to the public.


Sonia Espí
[email protected]
Fundació Phonos

Rafael Ramirez
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Music and Machine Learning Lab
Music Technology Group