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Essentia API
Large-scale audio analysis solutions via a web API

Funding sources:

María de Maeztu Strategic Research Program of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC)

Industria del Coneixement - Llavor (AGAUR)

Team members: Dmitry Bogdanov, Pablo Alonso, Albin Correya.

With the Essentia API project, our goal is to develop a novel product for music audio analysis based on the outcomes of R&D in Music AI at the Music Technology Group (MTG).

The project originates from an initiative to explore strategies for the commercial viability of technologies and know-how developed at the Music Technology Group following open innovation practices, which involves finding new licensing schemes and building custom solutions. Specifically, we plan to launch a new web API product for music audio analysis with state-of-the-art AI models, allowing users to analyze audio via file uploads or URLs by request. The project is based on the core open-source Essentia library (which reached TRL 8, developed by our team at MTG), which we want to extend into a scalable web service to explore new commercialization opportunities. We plan to provide large-scale audio analysis solutions via a web API with an extensive collection of analysis algorithms with optimized inference of estimations for music auto-tagging, music similarity, loudness, genre, mood, instrumentation, danceability, emotion analysis, etc.