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Sounds of Europe
Sharing experiences around field recording with artists and cultural organizations

Q-O2, MTG-UPF, IRZU and CRISAP lead the European project ʻSounds of Europeʼ which acknowledges and follows the increase of field recording activity  in music, art and (social) sciences in recent years, and aims to reach a public audience, as well as other artists and other cultural players. The Sounds of Europe project will last 24 months starting the first of May 2011.

The objectives of the project arose through sharing experiences with artists and cultural organizations on a international level:

  • Exchanging artistic projects and products, experience and knowledge: we aim to collaborate across national borders to set up activities and artistic projects which deal with the poetry of the sound of the world, thereby stimulating an exchange of experiences, results and understanding of sound and listening.
  • Exchanging sounds across borders: we aim to encourage not just hearing the world around us, but to listening to it and recording it - not only as a creative act, but also to train listening abilities to achieve an openness and porosity to our environment and backgrounds. By exploring and sharing sounds across borders on a European level we want to make people sensitive to the possibility of discovering their familiar as well as unknown habitats and surroundings.

MTG stands in mainly for the conceptualization and realization of the workshops through the Sons de Barcelona team and in collaboration with our 'Sonic Exchange' partners, which will be realized in several countries of Europe. Secondly, we're offering our expertise and experience to develop new web technological applications to store, archive and analyze sounds.

Further details available in the official website.

With the support of the Culture Programme (2007 - 2013) of the European Union.