Social Interaction and Entrainment using Music PeRformancE

SIEMPRE aims at developing new theoretical frameworks, computational methods and algorithms for the analysis of creative social behavior within small groups of people. Social interaction is one of the fundamental components of human life, widely studied in psychology, receiving a growing interest from ICT scientific communities. The project  is concerned with synchronization and in particular on emotional synchronization, which is likely to be an important driver of collaborative processes. The research activities focus on ensemble musical performance. Experimental scenarios will highlight the subtle and complex social interaction taking place between expert quartet musicians during live musical performance, and in listening to this music by non-expert audiences. Concrete objectives are models, techniques and algorithms for the extraction of social features based on the analysis of synchronization processes underlying expressive movements, audio and biometric signals during interpersonal creative communication.

MTG’s tasks in the project are devoted to the acquisition, analysis and modelling of bowed-string performance gestures involved in sound production mechanisms, especially bowing gestures.

SIEMPRE is funded by the EU under the FET program and the partners are: University of Genova (coordinator), Queens University of Belfast, University of Geneve, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and Italian Institute of Technology. 

Project Website:

EU FP7 ICT FET SIEMPRE (Social Interaction and Entrainment using Music PeRformance Experimentation) Project No. 250026, May 2010 - April 2013