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Roadmap for Music Information ReSearch

MIReS project is a Coordination and support action funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission and coordinated by the Music Technology Group in collaboration with Stromatolite . MIReS will last 18 months starting the first of October 2011 and the partner institutions involved are:

MIReS project aims to create a research roadmap of MIR field, by expanding its context and addressing challenges such as multimodal information, multiculturalism and multidisciplinarity. MIR has the potential for a major impact on the future economy, the arts and education, not merely through applications of technical components, but also by evolving to address questions of fundamental human understanding, with a view to building a digital economy founded on"uncopiable intangibles": personalisation, interpretation, embodiment, findability and community. Within this wider context we propose to refer to the field of MIR as Music Information ReSearch (MIReS) and thus widen its scope, ensuring its focus is centered on quality of experience with greater relevance to human networks and communities.

The Roadmap for MIReS will provide a meta-analysis of the MIR discipline, address emergent contexts and major challenges, formulate research evaluation standards for the discipline, contribute to the establishment of music production and digital library management standards, engage a variety of stakeholders from different disciplines of academia and industry and deliver innovative platforms for co-creative workshops focusing on horizon-scanning and technology foresight. The roadmap will also include a framework for the establishment of a MIR excellence network, involving the field drivers and stakeholders (music researchers, industry representatives, strategists and policy makers).

The MIReS action is therefore expected to impact on (i) policy making and research planning (alignment to other ongoing initiatives such as CHORUS+ or the Media Search Cluster); (ii) technological innovation addressing standards in the field, state-of-the-art description and future challenges definition; (iii) new social behaviours, creativity, economy and education; and (iv) long-term transfer of innovation to industry ensuring future academic excellence and EU competitiveness in the world music market.

Further details are available in the official website. MIReS project is supported by the European Commission, Information Society and Media Directorate-General (Grant agreement no 287711).