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DATALOG: Data for planetary wellbeing

DATALOG: Data for planetary wellbeing

DATALOG seeks to validate a platform for the interoperability of spatio-temporal data under the privacy-by-design principle. DATALOG platform will connect the European Data Spaces to provide products that help to (a) develop urban public policies, (b) reduce the generation of greenhouse emissions, (c) reduce the costs related to consumption and mobility. The challenge that DATALOG solves is reducing the lack of data availability with advanced knowledge in data mining.. In addition, this project’s initial outcomes integrate the lessons learned for setting up a data trust for urban planning and energy management sectors.

This project will enable interoperable data. Then, citizens, communities, and economic sectors could interactively explore the discovery of spatio-temporal patterns of consumption and the recommendations for achieving the effective behavioural changes towards the optimisation of mobility and resources correlated to energy use and other resources in cities. The relevance of high-granularity data enables the validation of some potential patterns or the highlighting of outliers. For example, mobility data at fine granularity should show some correlation with low water consumption at home since the individual, unless using programmable appliances, probably cannot access water while away. Our current development is in the range of TRL4 where some components are being validated in a laboratory context and will be tested in a relevant context in the upcoming months. Current development is making it possible to develop real and synthetic datasets to analyse and simulate human behaviour in cities. This combination of simulated and real data augments the capacities to develop new scenarios in urban planning and service providing.

DATALOG is considered as a pioneer project by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre as one of the first Altruistic organisations under the definition of the European Data Governance Act.

For this purpose, the project will support, within WorkPackage "Business Development", lasting 9 months (February - OCtober 2024) a business development position, which will be responsible for the development of the initial business plan, and to secure additional resources which can provide continuity and financial autonomy to the project, and the position itself.