Below the list of projects cofunded by the María de Maeztu program (selected via internal calls, in this link the first one launched at the beginning of the program, and in this link the second one, launched in September 2016).

In addition, the program supports:

The detail of the internal procedures for the distribution of funds associated to the program can be found here Suicide prevenTion in sOcial Platforms in Spain
More people die by suicide than by car accidents: according to the most recent data available from the 2014 in Spain, the number of deaths by suicide doubles those caused by car accidents (3910 vs 1873)..[+]

Wireless Networking through Learning: Searching for Optimality in Highly-dynamic and Decentralized scenarios
Wireless Networks operating in ISM bands, with Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) as their most representative technology, are nowadays the most common wireless Internet access technology..[+]

Autism Spectrum Condition Multimodal Embodiment Open Repository
Autism Spectrum Condition (or Disorder) is still very unknown..[+]

Wireless networks with cognitive topology
Cellular systems have undergone four generational transitions, beginning with the 1st Generation (1G) in the 1980s..[+]

Data-driven distributed computation
Networking is becoming an intrinsic part of computation bringing with it a host of new theoretical and practical challenges..[+]

Enhancing Usability and Dissemination of Planning Tools
Over the last few years, the Artificial Inteligence (AI) research group has developed a large number of planning tools..[+]

Music meets Natural Language Processing
Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented information explosion thanks to the dramatic technological advancement brought by the Information Age..[+]

Mining the Knowledge of Scientific Publications
During the last decade the amount of scientific information available on-line increased at an unprecedented rate, with recent estimates reporting that a new paper is published every 20 seconds..[+]

Bio Image and Signal Analysis
Web of the project for updated details: https://www..[+]

Technology Enhanced Learning for Instrument learning & analytics tools for assessment
Using machine learning techniques, the Music and Machine Learning Lab at the Music Technology Group investigates the creative process of manipulating the sound properties of music performance in an attempt to understand, re-create and teach expression in performances..[+]

Automatic Topology Analysis for Distributed Anomalies Prevention Systems in the IoT
The convenience and speed of digital communications have become an integral part of our personal daily lives, as well as education, business and research..[+]

Multimodal annotation for expressive communication
This research line Multimodal annotation for expressive communication builds upon the results and experience gained in the H2020 KRISTINA (Knowledge-Based Information Agent with Social Competence and Human Interaction Capabilities) project in the areas of natural language processing, computer vision, and virtual character design research, with the participation of 3 of DTIC’s research groups: Natural Language Processing (TALN, project coordinator, http://www..[+]

Machine learning approaches for structuring large sound and music collections
One fundamental goal in the field of Music Information Research is to automatically structure sound and music collections in order to facilitate the access and retrieval of their audio content..[+]

HDR models and methods for cinema postproduction
There is currently very substantial interest, both at academic and industrial levels, in the issues related to capture, processing and display of HDR images..[+]

Understanding and Improving Social Interactions in Online Participation Platforms
The research scope of this project lies at the intersection of two different areas: computational social science and machine learning ..[+]

Educational Data Science
During recent years, analytics or data mining techniques have been used to extract actionable information from large data quantities in an increasing variety of scientific fields..[+]

Large-Scale Multimedia Music Data
Music is a highly multimodal concept, where various types of heterogeneous information are associated to a music piece (audio, musician’s gestures and facial expression, lyrics, etc..[+]

Knowledge Extraction for Retail
The Ubiquitous Computing Applications Laboratory (UbiCA Lab) and the company Keonn technologies work since 2013 in using robots and RFID to inventory retail stores..[+]