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Autism Spectrum Condition Multimodal Embodiment Open Repository

Autism Spectrum Condition Multimodal Embodiment Open Repository

Autism Spectrum Condition Multimodal Embodiment Open Repository

Autism Spectrum Condition (or Disorder) is still very unknown. As its name depicts it covers a very broad range of conditions that makes it difficult to define and deal with. Important research is being undertaken in genetics to try to understand its origin, cause and typification but no major advances have been made yet.

In the meantime, ASC people need pragmatic solutions to help them in a number of aspects of their daily lives​, such as social interaction. ICT has become an important source of intervention and therapeutic tools in the last 10 years. There is a complete lack of sharing of data from trials of ICT tools for ASC​. This data could be useful to many researchers to compare results and to build research in different directions from that same data​. Within the available ICT tools Embodied Interaction is increasingly showing its potential in ASC. Data from these tools is multimodal in nature and is hence complex to store and analyze.​

This project will create a large­scale publicly available reference database of multimodal data from sessions of ASC children and youngsters using ICT therapy and intervention tools.​ We will also create a set of data analytics tools for analyzing the public database for extracting powerful information from users’ interactions. ASC­ME­OR will be based on REPOVIZZ, a multimodal online database and visualization tool developed by MTG. This proposal will foster the widespread use of the public database and associated analytics tools​. ASC­ME­OR will already start housing data from the embodied ICT experience designed and developed by CMTech in a previous project funded by RecerCaixa (IN­AUTIS­TIC). New interaction sessions will be undertaken and stored during the 2 years of this proposal.

Principal researchers

Narcís Parés


Rafael Ramírez
Batuhan Sayis