Below the list of projects cofunded by the María de Maeztu program (selected via internal calls, in this link the first one launched at the beginning of the program, and in this link the second one, launched in September 2016).

In addition, the program supported:

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Enhancing Usability and Dissemination of Planning Tools

Enhancing Usability and Dissemination of Planning Tools

Enhancing Usability and Dissemination of Planning Tools

Over the last few years, the Artificial Inteligence (AI) research group has developed a large number of planning tools. Although these have been used and described in conference and journal papers, there is still a long way to go in order to enhance their usability and adoption for the large number of potential users of the tools.


This project aims at enhancing the outreach of the planning tools developed within the AI group. For that, two main lines will be pursued:


  • Bringing into good shape, by following standard software engineering best practices, a number of research prototypes developed within the group which have been successfully used in several publications, but are still somewhat unpolished and not ready for production mode. Examples of these tools would be the novel functional planner FS, a parser for a number of common planning modeling languages, a state-of-the-art multi-agent planner, or a state-of-the-art temporal planner, etc.


  • Integrating some of these standard planning tools with ROS, the Robot Operating System, which will foster their use within the large number of users of ROS in the robotics community that as of now have almost no ready-to-use options when it comes to performing the type of task planning where that the AI group tools excel.


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