DTIC contributes to Barcelona International Summer School. Courses on Big Data and AI, and computation for the arts

In addition to the organisation of the 4th Barcelona Virtual Physiological Human Summer School, DTIC members will take part in the 2019 Barcelona International Summer School organised by UPF with two courses:

1 - Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Ricardo Baeza Yates, Ana Freire. This course is a generic introduction to the management of large volumes of data through automatic learning and its applications in different areas such as education, heath, and finance. Likewise, the impact of data management in social media will be analyzed, as well as the challenges that its use poses in topics as diverse as data bias, transparency, the reliablity of algorithms, loss of privacy and new ethical dilemmas that algorithms generate.

Keywords: Big data, artificial intelligenceautomatic learning, social media, e-Health.



2 - The Artistic Brain: Biology and Computation behind Painting and Music. Perfecto Herrera (DTIC-UPF) and Fernando Giráldez (CEXS-UPF) 

Science and art are rooted in our perception of the world. The course is aimed at exploring the biology of perception and its implications on how we experience works of art. It is a discussion on beauty and the brain, a discussion on the history of breakthroughs in painting and on the nature of the irresistible attraction of music for humans. The course starts with a general overview of how our senses build up a representation of the world, with particular reference to the visual and auditory systems. We shall discuss the biology underlying great painters’ achievement of the conquest of space and movement on a canvas. Then we do a parallel exercise with music, looking at the biological and evolutionary roots of musical perception. This will lead us to a general discussion on beauty and art the notion of artists as intuitive neuroscientists, the perceptual grammar of art, aesthetic universal and computational aesthetics.

Keywords: neurosciences, computation, art, music, painting, creativity, aesthetics.