2nd Barcelona Virtual Physiological Human Summer School, May 22-26

The Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and the Virtual Physiological Human Institute (VPHI) are pleased to announce the 2nd Barcelona VPH Summer School. The summer school is supported by the Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN Cardiofuxion and officially endorsed by the European society of Biomechanics (ESB). It is intended for young (mainly technical) researchers in the field of computational modelling in biomedicine, for basic research and clinical applications. This years topic will be 'Flow Phenomena in Biomedicine’. 

When? May 22nd-26th, 2017. Barcelona
What? Check program and registration:

Summary of the program: 

  • Day 1: Pathophysiology - Basic Science and Clinical Understanding + Hands on
  • Day 2: Input Measurements - Acquisition, processing, quantification + Hands on
  • Day 3: Multiphysics/Multiscale Models - Organ, cell, molecular + Hands on + Honorary VPH Lecture + Catalan beer tasting)
  • Day 4: Computational Aspects - Implementation, Validation, Coupling + Hands on
  • Day 5: Applications - Understanding, Decision-support, Therapy support + Workshop results + Simula Research Laboratory Poster Award

Invited Speakers: 

Gemma Vilahur (ICCC), Xavier Trepat (IBEC), Javier Bermejo (Gregorio Marañón Hospital), Maria Pilar Arroyo (i3A-University of Zaragoza), Alberto Gómez (King’s College London), José Rodríguez (Vall d’Hebron Hospital), René van Donkelaar (Eindhoven University of Technology), Miguel Angel Martínez (University of Zaragoza), Kristin McLeod (Simula Research), Tina Morrison (FDA), Eugenio Oñate (CIMNE), Pablo Lamata (King’s College London), Hernán Morales (Philips), Bart Bijnens (ICREA-UPF), Bindi Brook (University of Nottingham), Óscar Camara (UPF)

Hands on:

  • SPH methods for fluid dynamics
  • Lumped models of the fetal circulation using Matlab
  • Simulating different flow regimes in the left atrium


  • Students and Technicians Early Bird: 100.00 € (includes one year of VPHI student membership)
  • Regular Early Bird:  200.0 €
  • VPHI / ESB* member rate 100.00 €

Check 2016 edition here

* VPHI: Virtual Physiological Human Institute / ESB: European Society of Biomechanics