Back Brainstorm showcases MAX-R Project at NAB 2024

Brainstorm showcases MAX-R Project at NAB 2024



As the curtains opened at the NAB 2024 stage in Las Vegas, Brainstorm displayed the latest developments in the MAX-R Project. During the NAB show, which saw a preliminary attendance of over 70,000 industry professionals, Brainstorm was recognized as a leader in innovation within the global broadcast, media, and entertainment sectors.

The main focus of MAX-R is the development of real-time processes that aim to transform extended reality (XR) products and services. Brainstorm is committed to providing high-quality, efficient, and interactive XR-based content, driving advancements in this area.

Central to Brainstorm’s efforts in MAX-R is the development of an advanced system that allows for seamless integration of two remote presenters on virtual stages, using a sophisticated tracking system that replicates local camera movements.

Additionally, Brainstorm has established a partnership with Filmlight, enhancing the interaction between Brainstorm's InfinitySet tool and Filmlight's color management tools to improve the quality of XR experiences within the MAX-R framework.

Brainstorm has also collaborated with Filmakademie to integrate Virtual Production Editing Tools (VPET) technology into InfinitySet, granting creators more intuitive control over virtual sets via smart devices.

As the MAX-R Project progresses, Brainstorm continues its dedication to leading the development of immersive media experiences and setting new standards for creativity and innovation in the industry.

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