Master's Degree Final Projects

Objective and fundamental features of the MFP

In the Master's degree final project, the students must show their research proficieny and capacity to make relevant and original/innovative contributions to the field of digital culture, either through basic research or creation-research works. The MFP must be an original work, under the guidance of a tutor.

The final projects of the Master’s Degree in Digital Culture can be oriented to one of the following three modalities:

  • Basic research and PhD proposals
  • Applied or practice-based research
  • 'Challenges' modality (based on proposals from partners and the teaching staff)

Final projects can be carried out individually or in groups (see the specific criteria for each modality).

During December, students must send their MFP proposals, or express their interest in getting involved in one of the projects of the 'challenges' modality, through online forms to which they will have access. For more information on the MFP modalities and sending MFP proposals (or requesting to participate in the 'challenges' modality), consult the page “MFP Modalities”. For more details on these issues, consult the document "Guide for preparing the MFP".