The Master in Digital Culture and Emerging Media proposes three possible modalities for the Final Project:

A) Basic research and PhD proposals

B) Applied or practice-based research

C) 'Challenges' modality (proposals from collaborating entities and the master's degree teaching staff)


The distinction between 'basic' and 'applied' research refers to the traditional differentiation between research aimed at generating 'general' knowledge vs. research with more specific purposes and oriented towards practical use. In this master's degree we also include, along with applied research, practice-based research, which is research developed 'through' practice, and not necessarily oriented to a practical purpose. Research perspectives that are usually associated with practice-based research are design-based research and art-based research. In addition, we also include within modality B the possibility of carrying out participatory action research projects, due to their applied nature and transformative approach.


Final projects can be carried out individually or in groups (see the specific criteria for each modality).