Back Rosales Torres, César Said


PhD Candidate

César Rosales is conducting research on how severe political polarization affects democratic institutions and their credibility, focusing on power accountability and disinformation. He is mostly interested in democracy, human rights, peace, and conflict resolution.

Prior to his academic work, César worked as regional coordinator of the Peace Mission of the Organization of American States in Colombia (MAPP-OEA) in two regional offices, monitoring the status of human rights, and the implementation of the Peace Agreement in the territories affected by the armed conflict in the areas of peace building, transitional justice and social conflict. He has also worked for the OAS in Washington DC as political analyst for the Andean region at the Department for Sustainable Democracy and Special Missions, as well as in the OAS Strategic Council. He currently supports the Colombian Truth Commission in Europe on a volunteer fashion in Barcelona, aiming at contributing to the reconciliation efforts of the extra judicial body on the exile.

César holds an MA in Latin American Studies with a focus on Political Economy from Georgetown University in Washington DC and a BA in International Relations from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City, and has further professional experience working in Mexico and Brazil.