What’s the difference between exchange and visiting students?

Exchange students are nominated through their universities (UPF partners) while visiting students apply themselves. In both cases, students will stay at the university temporary, one, two or three terms (depending on the agreement or on the Faculty’s decision, for visiting students)  


I’m a visiting student. When do I have to pay for the modules, procedures, etc?

You will be required to pay right after the online enrolment (in July, for students starting on September; in November for students coming from January on) ). Once at UPF, you will have to pay for the new credits or modules, in case you have added any.


What are the term dates for this/next academic year?

You can check our academic calendar here.


Do I need a language certificate?

Only those students with internships at the Faculty of Medicine will be required to submit at least a B1 certificate of spanish. Students attending the rest of the Faculties won’t have to submit a language certificate, but we strongly recommend to have at least a B2 level of English or Spanish.


I have an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) will it suffice as a medical insurance?

No, it won’t suffice. You must provide an additional insurance explicitly covering accidents and repatriation. This document must be issued either in English or Spanish.


Will I receive an acceptance letter, once I submit my online application?

After validating applications, students from outside the EU will receive the letter of acceptance. If you are a EU citizen in need of a letter of acceptance please ask OMA.


What kind of support do you offer for students with a disability?

Contact the UPF Inclusion Office ([email protected]) responsible for the care and support of students with disabilities and special educational needs. You may find more information in the FAQS section of the UPF Inclusion Office.


Does UPF offer accommodation to international students?

UPF do not provide students with accommodation but recommends several options. Take a look at this link!


What are the costs of living in Barcelona?

  Room in a shared flat Room in a student residence hall
Housing 350-500 € 500-800 €
Food 200 € 200 €
Transport 50 € 50 €
Other expenses 200 € 200 €
Total 800-950 € 950-1250€


How many credits can I enrol?

The recommended study load is 20 credits per term. Even that, you will be able to enrol more or less credits if you need.


Can I register to courses taught in other Faculties?

No, you can only enroll in subjects from the Faculty or Faculties that you have been accepted. In case of being admitted to a Master programm, you will only be able to enroll in subjects of the master that you have been accepted.


When a course is informed to be taught in one language (in english, for example), can it finally be taught in another language (for example, in spanish)?

No. Due to the Plan of action for Multilingualism at UPF the language of teaching for each subject is announced in advance. In this way, we can guarantee courses in Catalan, Spanish or English.


Can I switch from one group or subgroup to another once I am enroled?

Yes, during the add&drop period, once at UPF, you will be able to add or drop courses and to change groups as well (if spots are available)


I have exams at my university and will arrive when classes have already started. Is that a problem?

You can join us within the two first weeks of class, even if it is compulsory to attend the welcome session held at the beginning of each term (there we will provide helpful information for your exchange)


Is class attendance mandatory?

Yes, normally attendance is compulsory. The professor will confirm this in the syllabus of the subject and during the first class as well.


How can I connect to the Wi-Fi?

UPF is in the Eduroam mobility project, which you can instal to your devices without the need to stay at the university. Here you will find the guides.


Does the university have any sports facilities?

UPF does not have its sports facilities but offer several activities that take place at the university itself. Moreover, UPF has agreements with several sport centers with advantages and discounts for students. Check it here!


Do I need to submit any documents before my departure?

You don’t need to hand us any document before you leave, but if your university requires a certificate of departure (this is usual for Erasmus students) you can send us the document by email and we will sign it.


How do I inform my university about my grades?

Once you finish your stay, after the exams period, we will be sending an original transcript of records by email to your university.