Vés enrere Gil-Bazo, Javier

Gil-Bazo, Javier

Javier Gil-Bazo
PhD Universidad del País Vasco
Titular d'Universitat

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Institutional Investors, Investor Behavior, Asset Management, Asset Pricing.


  • Mutual Funding, with Peter Hoffmann and Sergio Mayordomo, Review of Financial Studies, 33, 4883-4915, 2020.
  • Market Frictions, Investor Sophistication, and Persistence in Mutual Fund Performance, with Ariadna Dumitrescu, Journal of Financial Markets, 40, 40-59, 2018.
  • The Relation between Price and Performance in the Mutual Fund Industry, with Pablo Ruiz-Verdú, Journal of Finance, 64 (5), 2153-2183, 2009.