Principal Investigators

Marco Baroni

Baroni, Marco
UPF / ICREA Research Professor, studies natural and artificial intelligence, with a focus on language-mediated intelligence.

Gemma Boleda Torrent

Boleda Torrent, Gemma
UPF / ICREA Research Professor, studies how people convey meaning through language with quantitative and computational methods.

Thomas Brochhagen

Brochhagen, Thomas
Tenure-track professor, studies emergence and change of patterns in natural and artificial languages.


Corentin Kervadec

Kervadec, Corentin
Studying the ways in which LLMs share information and respond to prompts.

Francesca Franzon

Franzon, Francesca
Studying how natural and artificial languages efficiently encode information, using methods from computational linguistics and cognitive science.

Germán Kruszewski

Kruszewski, Germán
Studying how open-ended evolutionary processes can emerge, with applications to artificial intelligence.

PhD Students

Marina Bolea Centelles

Bolea Centelles, Marina
Studying referring expressions in context.

Emily Cheng

Cheng, Emily
Studying emergent communication through human experiments and multi-agent modeling.

Roberto Dessì

Dessì, Roberto
Studying Emergent communication, multi-agent cooperation, (discrete) representation learning.

Eleonora Gualdoni

Gualdoni, Eleonora
Studying referential language, language & vision.

Matéo Mahaut

Mahaut, Matéo
Studying population and diversity in emergent communication, multi-agent Reinforcement learning.

Miaro Nathanael Carraz Rakotonirina

Rakotonirina, Miaro Nathanael Carraz
Studying prompt engineering, emergent communication, blackbox (gradient-free) optimization.

Lucas Weber

Weber, Lucas
Studying meta-learning for language models, low-resource learning/cross-lingual models, interpretability of the learning process.

Xixian Liao

Liao, Xixian
Studying the use of referring expressions, through quantitative and computational methods

Lab Technicians


Assisting in data collection and processing.

Visiting Researchers

  • Andrea Santilli
    Visiting COLT September 2023 - January 2024. GLADIA, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  • Daniela Mihai
    Visiting COLT October 2023 - December 2024. University of Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Zaninello, Andrea
    Visiting COLT June 2023 - January 2024. University of Bolzano and Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento, Italy.​​​​​​​
  • Øvrelid, Lilja
    Visiting COLT September 2022 - June 2023. Language Technology Group (LTG) at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo (UiO), Norway.
  • Di Natale, Anna ​​​
    Visiting COLT January-March 2023. Section for Science of Complex Systems, CeMSIIS, Medical University of Vienna.
  • Jeanne, Bruneau-Bongard
    Master student September-February 2023 under the supervision of Thomas Brochhagen.
  • Amidei, Jacopo
    Visiting COLT January-May 2020. School of Computing & Communications, Open University.
  • Bruera, Andrea
    Visiting COLT January-September 2021. Cognitive Science research group, Queen Mary, University of London.
  • Hupkes, Dieuwke
    Visiting COLT March 2020. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam.
  • Pado, Sebastian
    Visiting COLT February 2020. Institute for Natural Language Processing, Stuttgart University.
  • Pezzelle, Sandro
    Visiting COLT February 2020. Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation, University of Amsterdam.


Past Members

  • Mädebach, Andreas
    Post-doctoral researcher at COLT 2021-2023;
  • Sorodoc, Ionut-Teodor
    PhD student at COLT from 2017 to 2022; moved to researcher at Amazon, Inc.
  • Aina, Laura
    PhD student at COLT from 2017 to 2022; moved to researcher at Amazon, Inc.
  • Melero, Maite
    Senior Researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center; COLT member from 2017 to 2021.
  • Bruni, Elia
    Post-doctoral researcher at COLT 2018-2020, moved to Interim Professor of Computational Linguistics at the Institute for Cognitive Science of Osnabrück University.
  • Marín, Rafael
    Chargé de Recherche CNRS; COLT member 2017-2021.
  • Silberer, Carina Helga
    Post-doctoral researcher at COLT 2017-2020, moved to Assistant Professor of Computational Linguistics at the IMS, University of Stuttgart.
  • Westera, Matthijs
    Post-doctoral researcher at COLT 2017-2020, moved to Assistant Professor in Humanities and AI at LUCL, University of Leiden.
  • Gulordava, Kristina
    Post-doctoral researcher at COLT 2018-2019, moved to researcher at Shift Technology, France.