[Workshop] Ustopias in speculative fiction and science fiction (25-26.11.21)

Ambivalent images of the future



Imatge inicial

Dr. Camil Ungureanu, member of the Center for Aesthetics, Religion and Contemporary Culture, together with Daniel Gamper (UAB), Katarzyna Paszkiewicz (UIB) and Guillermo Graíño Ferrer (Uni. Francisco de Vitoria), organize a semi-presencial workshop titled Ambivalent imaginaries of the future: Ustopias in speculative fiction and science fiction.

The guest speakers of the workshop are:

  • Carme Torras Genís (IRI – Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics)
  • Mathias Thaler (University of Edinburgh)
  • Sara Martín Alegre (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
  • Mihaela Matei (University of Edinburgh)
  • Lars Tønder (University of Copenhagen)

Program and links to join the workshop

This  workshop  will  focus  on  literature  to  address  with  interdisciplinary  tools  - ethics  and  robo-ethics,  philosophy,  ecology,  social  and  political  theory  -  issues  related  to the  diagnosis  of  the  current  crisis  of  capitalist  society  and  its  possible  overcoming:  what forms  of  narrative  and  representation  are  used  today  in  literature  to  explain  the  current crises  of  recent  times.  What  are  the  specificities  of  speculative  fiction  and  science  fiction compared  to  the  classics  of  these  genres  (G.  Orwell,  A.  Huxley,  Y.  Zamyatin)?  How  are current  myths  (apocalyptic,  little  salvation,  etc.)  interpreted  and  constructed  through literature,  and  what  is  the  role  of  techno-scientific  narratives?  How  are  the  utopian  futures of  capitalist/post-capitalist  society  represented  in  these  kinds  of  narratives?  Are  new forms  of  nihilism  emerging  today,  and  how  are  they  related  to  new  forms  of  religiosity?




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