Research lines

Contemporary political philosophy; Religion and politics; Law and religion in Europe; Art, philosophy and politics


Research Projects

  1. Ungureanu Camil, 2016-2017 Project Coordinator, “Is there a conflict between   gender equality and religious accommodation? Feminist Debates, juridical           practice, and policy-making in the Catalan context”, Generalitat de Catalonia, Department of Religious Affairs (under review)
  2. Ungureanu Camil 2017-2019 Full Member, “Intransitiff Screening Social Transformation and Europeanization in the Romanian Feature, Documentary      and Television            Film, 1990-2007 (under review).
  3. Ungureanu Camil, 2017- Full Member of the UPF team, “Religion, Education and the Challenge of Diversity”, European Commission, H2020 (under preparation)
  4. Ungureanu Camil 2016-2017 Member Advisory Board, Researching Arab Mediterranean Youth: Towards a New Social Contract: SAHWA project, funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7/200-2013 under grant agreement n° 613174.   Coordinator: Elena Sanchez
  5. Ungureanu Camil, 2016-2017 Full Member “Guidelines for a juridical and political interpretation of religious exemptions and accommodations in the Catalan context” (project financed by the Generalitat de Catalunya, 2015RELIG00015). Coordinator: Daniel Gamper
  6. Ungureanu Camil, 2013-2015 Project Coordinator “Habermas’ postsecularism and Islam” (project financed by the MICINN, CSO2012-39311).
  7. Ungureanu Camil, 2013-2014 Collaborator “Political and democratic culture and new forms of citizen participation” (Project financed by Recercaixa). Coordinator: J.L.Marti
  8. Ungureanu Camil, 2009-2012 Full Member “Religious pluralism and political decentralization in Europe: towards a postsecular model? A normative and comparative analysis, (project sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Education, MICINN, CSO2009-22011). Coordinator: Ferran Requejo.
  9. Ungureanu Camil 2010-2011 Collaborator “Frontiers. The Political Theory of the Borders: Policy-making and movement of persons in the Euro-Mediterranean space” (financed by MICINN, CSO2008-02181/CPOL 2009-2012). Coordinator: Ricard Zapata.
  10. Ungureanu Camil, 2007: External Collaborator in REFGOV, Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest”, financed by the European Union, The 6th European Framework Programme in Research and Development, OND1313132 (Coordinator: Christian Joerges).
  11. Ungureanu Camil, 2006: External Collaborator in “Citizenship and Democratic Legitimacy in the EU” (CIDEL) contract number HPSE-CT-2002-0013, project sponsored by the European Commission (Coordinator: Christian Joerges).