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Marta Rivera Zurita. Alumni BSBM

Memory & Language Lab (Spain). Bilingualism, Brain and Mind lab (USA).


"I will always recommend the BSBM because it enables you to see a broad approach to bilingualism from different perspectives and with different opinions (I can remember great discussions when I was there), but also because you meet people that you are going to encounter later on in your career. The BSBM gives you the possibility to learn from work in different stages of the research career and creates a sense of community."









Candice Frances. Alumni BSBM.

Max Plank Institute for Psycholinguistics.

"The BSBM is a great place to practice presenting if you're a PhD student. Plus, you get to meet and hear from some of the most relevant bilingualism researchers. Finally, being in Barcelona for a week doesn't hurt either ;)."















Nicholas Grunden. Alumni BSBM.

Phillips Lab, Concordia University.

"I had the pleasure of not only attending the event, but also serving on the organization committee for the event. What was wonderful about the BSBM was that it provided a much broader, diverse perspective of language in the brain, informing me about theories and approaches from many different disciplines. I would absolutely recommend attending this Summer School."











Anna Banaszkiewicz. Alumni BSBM.

Laboratory of Brain Imaging, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology.


"I attended the 6th BSBM in 2019 as a PhD student, attracted by the interesting program covering interdisciplinary topics. I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere and enthusiasm of organizers, keynote speakers and attendees, which opened the possibility of many fascinating discussions. BSBM gives a great opportunity to meet experts in the field and discuss with them current work and future plans as well as networking with other students and researchers. I am looking forward to participating in the next edition!"



Marina Sokolova. Alumni BSBM.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

"All lectures were organized in such a way that people like me —beginners in Psychology, as well as those with degrees in Psychology felt very comfortable. I personally learnt a lot and had a lot of opportunities to ask questions. We had everything we needed at hand, we always knew where to go and when. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and no one felt abandoned even for a second. I am sure new attendees will have the most memorable experience at the Summer School at UPF."