Atrás Posas Garriga, Francesc


Departamento de Medicina y Ciencias de la Vida
Señalización Celular

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Research lines

  • Cellular responses to stress.
  • Transmission mechanisms of intracellular signals.

The Cell Signaling group is lead by F. Posas and E. de Nadal. The group tries to understand how cells detect and respond to environmental changes. They have focused their studies in the characterization of the osmo-stress signal transduction pathways, especially those controlled by MAP kinases of the Hog1/p38 family, also known as the stress activated MAP kinases (SAPK). Using the S. cerevisiae yeast as a model organism as well as higher eukaryotic cells, they analyze the molecular mechanisms of cells to respond to an extracellular stimulus and which are the generated adaptation responses. A proper adaptation to stress requires the modulation of several basic aspects of the cell biology. Among them, cell cycle and gene expression regulation. Recently, the group is also analyzing the basic signaling properties of the HOG pathway and how to alter them, and in the field of synthetic biology, they have implemented complex engineered networks to perform in vivo cellular computation.


Most relevant publications:

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* Corresponding Author