The master provides different areas of specialization depending on the election of optional subjects:

  • Genome Bioinformatics
    Automatic analysis, alignment, comparison and annotation of biological sequences; analysis of genome evolution and variation; molecular biology databases.
  • Structural Bioinformatics
    An introduction to experimental methods used in determining the structure of biomolecules, protein structure prediction and biomolecular systems simulation.
  • Systems Biology
    The description of biological networks and protein and metabolic gene network modelling. Emphasis in both topological aspects of networks and their dynamical behavior.
  • Pharmacoinformatics
    Molecular library management and virtual screening, computer assisted drug design and quantitative modelling of structure-activity relationships (QSAR and 3D-QSAR).
  • Biomedical Computing
    Clinical and healthcare information systems, biomedical imaging analysis, studying genotype-phenotype relationships and IT support systems for healthcare decision making.

In addition to these areas of specialisation, the master's degree also provides training in related areas of general interest such as algorithmics and programming, data management and analysis, text mining.

Finally, in the second year, students acquire notions of bioethics and data protection applied to bioinformatics, as well as to design, management and exploitation of research projects in both the public and the private sectors.


Academic Coordination: Nuria B. Centeno (UPF)

Course 1 (compulsory subjects)

Subject acronim Subject Subject Coordinator Term
PGB  Principles of Genome Bioinformatics  M. Mar Albà (UPF)  1st
SBI  Structural Bioinformatics  Baldo Oliva (UPF)  2nd
IEO  Information Extraction from "Omics" Technologies  Robert Castelo (UPF) 3rd


Course 1 (optional subjects)

Term 1
Subject acronim Subjects Subject Coordinator
PER Introduction to PERL Josep F. Abril (UB)
ALG Introduction to Algorithmics Josep F Abril (UB)
BCO Elements of Biocomputing Nuria Lopez-Bigas (UPF)
BDA Biomedical Data Analysis Hafid Laayouni (UPF)
MAT Elements of Mathematics Ferran Muiños (UPF)
GAS Genomes and Systems Tomàs Marquès-Bonet (UPF)
IBM Introduction to Biomedicine Berta Alsina / David Comas (UPF)
APA Advanced Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures Emre Guney (UPF)
Term 2
Subject acronim Subjects Subject Coordinator
DBW Databases and Web Development Josep Ll. Gelpi (UB)
PYT Introduction to PYTHON Javier Garcia Garcia (UPF)
GPA Applied Genomics: Genome-Phenome Analysis in Human Health Arcadí Navarro (UPF)
AST Advanced Statistics Leandro Radusky (UPF)
DMI Data Mining and Data Integration in Biomedicine Janet Piñero (UPF)
Term 3
Subject acronim Subjects Subject Coordinator
CAD Computer-Assisted Drug Discovery Manuel Pastor (UPF)
CSB Computational Systems Biology Marta Cascante (UB)
MSI Molecular Simulations Jana Selent (UPF)
AAD Advanced Analysis of Disease Traits Arcadi Navarro (UPF)


Course 2 (compulsory subjects)

Subject acronim Subject Subject Coordinator Term
RBI Research in Bioinformatics  Nuria B. Centeno (UPF)  1st 2nd and 3rd
SCA Science in Action Jordi Camí (UPF) 1st or 3rd
PRO Design and Management of Research Projects Elisenda Tarrats (UVic) and Albert Armisen (UVic) 2nd and 3rd
MP Master Completion Project Nuria B. Centeno (UPF) and Baldo Oliva (UPF) 3rd 


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